Minnie Jones Health Center
257 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
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Oral health is an essential component of primary care. However, oral health must be delivered by specially trained professionals, i.e., dentists and dental hygienists. For a number of reasons, regular dental care is traditionally out of reach for under-served populations in general and our patients in particular. At the Minnie Jones Health Center, we focus on providing basic, but comprehensive, oral health care at affordable prices. In addition to preventive services (i.e., education, counseling and tartar removal), we offer the following services: comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning, restorative procedures (e.g., fillings), surgical procedures (e.g., extractions), and rehabilitative services (e.g. periodontal treatment, root canals, and dentures). We do not provide cosmetic services. Dental care services are delivered at the MJHC.
Please call 285-0622 for more information on our dental services. 
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Quality, Affordable Dental Care
Check out our Dental Sliding Fee Scale.  Sliding Fee Scale does not include dental prosthetics, (e.g., Dentures, etc.)