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Students and Internships at WNCCHS
Subject/Title: Student Clinical Rotations

Original Effective Date: March 18, 2014

Last Reviewed/Revised Date: March 13, 2014

Approved by: Board of Directors of Western North Carolina Community Health Services, Inc.

Policy Statement: This policy and procedure establishes guidelines by which Western North Carolina Community Health Services, Inc. (WNCCHS) will define the required competence and qualifications of students doing clinical rotations at WNCCHS locations.

Purpose Statement: It is the policy of WNCCHS to collaborate with training schools by furthering the education of students by participating in a clinical rotation. Clearance for these students to come on-site to any WNCCHS facility will be accomplished through the Student Selection Committee. Clinical students are defined as: Medical students, Interns and Residents; Nurse Practitioner students; Physician Assistant students; Nursing students; Dental students, Interns and Residents; Social Work students; Pharmacy students; and Behavioral Health students enrolled in a school that has a current fully executed contractual agreement with WNCCHS.

Implementation Responsibility: Director of Human Resources and Medical Director

Procedure: The following steps must be completed in order to accept a student for clinical rotations:

1.The applicant (either student or institution department head) will be required to email a request for clinical rotation by completing a Clinical Student Rotation Request Form (CSRRF). The CSRRF must be emailed to the Director of Human Resources at least six (6) months prior to requested rotation start date. The CSRRF is available on the home page menu bar of the WNCCHS website (www.wncchs.com). Email completed form to tkennedy@wncchs.org .

Note: Providers and/or site manager should not make any arrangements for student rotations

2.The Director of Human Resources will ensure the respective institution has a current fully executed contract.

3.Upon receipt of the completed CSRRF from the applicant, Director of Human Resources will review the information and forward to Student Selection Committee, which will be comprised of a subset of the Management Team.

4.Student Selection Committee will meet in October to consider applicants for Summer rotation requests; January to consider applicants for Fall rotation requests; June to consider applicants for Spring rotation requests.

5.If all criteria is met and approved for clinical rotations, the Student Selection Committee will submit the CSRRF to the Director of Human Resources and Medical Director to schedule rotation.

6.Director of Human Resources will email appropriate credentialing application to student for completion.

7.Students not selected for clinical rotations will be notified by Director of Human Resources.

8.Appropriate department Director will be responsible for assigning preceptor(s) and develop schedule to accommodate requested hours of study. This must be completed and submitted to Director of Human Resources within thirty (30) days of selection by Student Selection Committee.

9.Director of Human Resources will notify department Director when credentialing has been completed and confirm dates of study. Director of Human Resources will notify preceptor(s) of student’s arrival date and rotation schedule. Director of Human Resources will send notification to the IT department at least one week prior to the beginning of the student’s rotation and request access for the student in the EHR. The access granted to the student should be as follows:

For MD, PA, or NP students the access will be at the same level as the WNCCHS preceptor(s). The preceptor(s) must co-sign all student entries in the EHR.

10.Director of Human Resources will schedule orientation with selected student. Orientation must be completed prior to first day of rotation.

11.Appropriate department Director will be responsible for completing any required evaluation upon completion of the clinical rotation.

Monitoring: Director of Human Resources and Medical Director

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